Digital Marketing Internship Program-Review

With how accessible the net is today, would you trust me if I told you the amount of people who go browsing each day remains increasing?
It is. In fact, “constant” internet usage among adults increased by 5% in only the last three years, according to Pew Research. And although we are saying it a lot, the way people shop and buy really has changed along side it — meaning offline marketing isn’t as effective because it used to be.
Marketing has always been about connecting together with your audience within the right place and at the proper time. Today, meaning you would like to satisfy them where they’re already spending time: on the web .
Enter digital marketing — in other words, any sort of marketing that exists online.
Learning digital marketing is the need of this era and it is mandatory for everyone whoever wants to market his business or grow his influence. With this reason I wanted to learn digital marketing from last 2-3 years. Since, I know the importance of digital marketing in this digital age.
I started but to be honest with you It was painful for me to cover and remember those jargon, I tried to learn from several ways like Google, YouTube and from other free and paid sources but the result was not up to a satisfactory level. Despite all my effort I never considered myself as a person who knows even a bit about digital marketing.
Why? I really don’t know
The fact is that I never learnt the way I should have learnt. What I understood, it was not because I have the floating knowledge but lack of mentor-ship there was not a positive pressure or guidance what I am considering after joining this.

Game Changing Moment

The golden moment December 2019 was the game changing moment for me when I see an email in my inbox from Digital Deepak mentioning that he is going to conduct an internship program on digital marketing there was a launch webinar so I have registered for this webinar. I remember it’s about one and a half hour webinar.
In this webinar Deepak Kanakaraju has explained the importance of digital marketing also showed his credibility the webinar was pretty good and the way he has explained everything was awesome. However, I was convinced that to take this course and enrolled myself in an internship program and that is what I did at that time.
Yes, the course is not free there was a nominal course fee but the benefit is that today I can say confidently I know about digital marketing.
Let me explain to you a little bit in depth, this is a 12 weeks course which involved in learn practically and submit assignments methodology.
But trust me, if you really want to learn digital marketing this internship program is a must for you.
I am not appreciating this course because I am one of his student. I am sharing my experience with you.
The most important part of this course or in other word I can say the beauty of this course is this is totally design on practical basis you will start learning by practicing and more important that every week the time you will submit your assignment you get paid.
And by the time you will complete this course and you will submit all those assignment week by week you will have all your money back in your bank account and furthermore, you will earn money from there.
because He gives away some of his courses to sell out and keep this money in your pocket nothing to pay him.
We have finished about six weeks with all concerned assignments and won half of the battle, our money is reflecting in our bank account.
I love the way he is teaching it’s totally unique and different approach.
Yes there is pressure but it is a positive pressure and this process is eventually proved beneficial for us. We are on the way to success in Digital Marketing with Digital Deepak.

There is a golden opportunity for you. Digital Deepak is going to announce the 2nd batch of internship program.

Click the link below and register for FREE webinar of Internship program.

You have nothing to lose and whole life to win.

I will recommend this Internship program to everyone.


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